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Sakal - All Edition

Belgaum, Khandesh, Kolhapur, Marathwada, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik, Pune, Satara, Solapur

Rs. 3200/5 Lines

After 5 lines, per extra line cost Rs.200

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  • Marathwada Rs. 580/7 Line

  • Mumbai Rs. 860/7 Line

  • Pune Rs. 1405/7 Line

Sample Ads

    1. 1. NADI Astrology Guruji - B.Raju Services in Delhi from last 18 yrs. Give your Thumb impres- sion & know your total life future. Cont: 29817280, 29813679.
    1. 2. ASTRO CALL CENTRE Dial Free No. 8882444333 for Palmist,Vastu Shastra, Astrology, Tarot Card, Numerology, Astro Healer, Astro Courses. Astro Products.
    1. 3. Free Vastu Consultancy E-rnail your Office/House/ Factory Maps & obtain Free advice relax.
    1. 4. 40 Years Experience Horoscope and Prediction in Lab Kitab Sr. Citizen Jyotish Kendra, Charitable, No Consultanc fees A- 9, West patel Nagar Delhi-08 Contact :- 25887741/25884503
    1. 5. ALL India Astrology Karm Kaand Prasad, free Service on Ph. Jane Pandit Ji se Love, Marriage, B'ness etc. for solution call Pt. S.B.Shastri # 09785097182, 09166922208


    1. 6. FREE Astro Service. Dating Delay in love marriage, stress in family life, business losses, just call # 09929549149, 09001918898PECILIST get back ur Love, fmly dispute,Love mrge.09915824564
    1. 7. NADI Astrology Guruji- B.Raju Services in Delhi from last 18 yrs. Give your Thumb impres- sion & know your total life future. Cont: 29817280, 29813679. Cont: 29817280, 29813679.
    1. 8. LEARN Nadi Astrology in 40 hrs Workshop.Contact: 9312210593
    1. 9. LEARN Numerology in 6 Hours workshop Contact 8506899656
    1. 10. PT. Kishanlal Splst in Horoscope,Palmistry, Match Making &Thumb. 9891144593
    1. 11. For Consultation professional Astrologer in Mumbai. For appointment call us 9876543210. Consultation Fee 400/
    1. 12. Balendra Shety Ph.D., ASTROPALMIST tell accurate future advise for all problems for appointment call PH.9831099699.
    1. 13. Solution, predictions for all problems,marriage,children,education,job,love,promotion,helath,wealth advice .Dr.Vikram PHD from US Contact: 8794568574
    1. 14. This is the season of Deepawali, come unleash the mystic power within.
    1. 15. TAROT Card Read i nc Astrology, Vaastu, Vedic Pooja, Numerology, Energ} Clearing. Remedies Available. Poonam Sharma 9872771591.
    1. 16. NAAM Batao Samadhar Pao any Problem just tell ME your name to solve the problem 7837907496 0172-2686570. Vijay Jerath Chandigarh
    1. 17. "PARAMHIT" Specializec Predictions -Remedies Stress, Health, Finances Ambitions, Job / Business Family, Love, Socialization Behaviours. (98889 97199;
    1. 18. SHREE Durga ..1yotist-Kender Guaranteed Result No Advance Payment Bright. Astrology- for all persona and professional problems vastu and pooja. Contact 8968656160.
    1. 19. ARE you & (Relatives) fac¬ing these kind of Problems Study, Finance, Love Enemies, Business, Foreigr Travelling, Matrimonial life We have all easy Astrologica Solution available 9876726492 (Ramanji) As- trologer/ Vastu Expert, Sec¬tor 23C, Chandigarh
    1. 20. PT. Rohit Sharma :11 times Gold medalist, business problems, husband/ wife disputes, uncontrolled children / lover,super specialist in love marriage vashikaran. Immediate solution on Phone 099887-07435.