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Name Change ad in Newspaper for Passport, Gazette

Name Change Advertisement in National and Local Newspaper for Everyone: Changing name does not changes identity. It is about the people to know that the same person exists with a new name to be called upon. With newspapers serving to inform the world about a new name, it is not at all difficult to announce. And what makes difference to this all process is the company that acts as assistance in helping the people to book their advertisements. At, you will find experts helping people with the need to make name change advertisement in different newspapers. It all depends on your budget and the vastness of reach needed.

In fact, with us at your services, you can book change of name ad within much less time. Our website is the platform that allows people to access us at any point of time. Working on a 24X7 base, we help people to give name change ad for passport reasons also. Indeed, it is meant for women before and after marriage. We have a variety of newspapers in our kitty, which makes it easy for the ad givers to select the newspaper as per the advertisement charges. In this concern, our booking experts assist people in providing excellent information as to which newspaper has what kind of reach and how many people would possibly check their ads.

Apart from this, we are also expert in designing and booking name change ad for birth certificate because it will inform people about the person whose registered name has been changed. Even, the rates are quite nominal that will enable you to book an ad at instant with reasonable rates.

Note: Affidavit is must for name change advertisement in all Indian Newspapers

Reasons to cause change of Name :

 1)     After Marriage : After marriage name change is required for number of important reasons  like for Indian Passport Processing , Bank Account Operations, Inclusion of name in Ration Card, matching of Ration Card’s address with other various if proofs , etc.

2)      In Case of Re-Marriage after Divorce  : In case of remarriage after divorce, it is important to change the surname in order to match with your new surname legally to take all the benefits of post and new marriage.

3)      Spelling Mistake in Old Name : A mistake in your name can trouble you specially in the matter of ancestor’s  will or cheque issued by any family member or outsider for higher amount as valid photo id proof is needed hence the legal documents can aid you.

4)      In Case of Adoption : When a child is adopted, name change legal documents are  necessary to support the admission in school and to prove his succession in ancestor’s or family property legally.

5)      Due to  Numerology  or Astrology : Many a times people change their name to enjoy stardom, good health and wealth on the basis of numerology or astrology hence it is necessary to have valid legal documents to support it, as all contracts use to be sign with that name. Therefore for the ease of banking and changes in passport it is important.

6)      In Case of Religion Change : Now a days inter religion marriage are also taking place hence it is important to have legal documents to support in order to make day to day bank transaction or change in passport easier .

Therefore to solve your problem regarding name change, we have a team of experts to guide and aid you in the process of name change. 

Important Steps include in Name Change Process

Step 1 – Affidavit

Go to your local Notary and make an affidavit regarding change of your name. You have to mention therein your specific reason for changing your name. For example, you may like to change your name after marriage (especially for women), due to astrological or numerological reasons or anything.

Make an affidavit for name change from your local Notary, and mention your reason for changing of name that could be :

  • 1) Change of name after marriage
  • 2) Numerology or astrology reason
  • 3) Spelling mistake in the old name
  • 4) Change of name because of marriage
  • 5) Name change after divorce
  • 6) Change of Name/surname /middle name
  • 7) Change of name for minors in school, college
  • 8) Name change in pan card
  • 9) Change name in the aadhar card
  • 10) Change name for ration card
  • 11) Change name for banks
  • 12) Change name for LIC

Step 2 – Newspaper Publication

Publish the announcement for name change in two newspapers as one local and one national newspaper is preferred. Keep these copies preserved for future reference as it is a life time issue. Better to keep it in digital form in your mails or hard disk for the ease of accessibility. 

Step 3 – Gazette Notification

For getting your name published in the Official Gazette of your state, you have to follow the below steps :

(i) Visit your local Government Press or the department that mobilizes Gazette notification.

(ii) Get the 2 copies of “Deed Changing Surname Form”. (Fill this form carefully as per the instructions provided therein) 

Step 4 – Verification

You need to send the following documents to the Secretary, Department of Commerce & Transport:

(i)            Letter to the Secretary, requesting him to allow you to change your name.

(ii)           The “Deed Changing Surname Form”

(iii)          2 True copies of the newspapers in which your name change statement is published.

(iv)          Attested copy of the Name Change Affidavit.

(v)           A print out of the statement in plain paper that you need to publish in your official Gazette for your name change. (Generally Same as your Newspaper Statement) A Copy of your current identity like your Voter Identity Card, PAN Card, Birth Certificate,etc.

Note : Make copies of all documents and preserve them for future reference in hard copy and digital form. 

Step 5 – Publishing in Govt. Press/Gazette

(i)          Make a few copies of the reply letter and again visit the Govt. Press or the department that mobilizes Gazette Notification and follow the below given instructions.

(ii)         Show them the reply letter, and they will match it with the order than they have received from the Secretariat (of your state). Deposit the required amount for the publication. Here the amount depends on the kind of publication you want to go to (General and Extraordinary.). If you go for the extraordinary one, you can get the copies of the publication within a week or two. 

Sample of Change of name Ads in Newspaper : I, Gobind Ram S/o Sh. Radha Krishna Lohia R/o D-301 Plot-17 Jagran appt. sec22 dwarka have changed my name to Gobind Ram Lohia for all future purposes

Sample for Affidavit : I have changed my name from RajeshKumar M Dama to Rajesh M Dama as per the affidavit dated 6th Dec 2014. Office Address : 205, Rajasthan Technical Center, Patanwala Estate, L.B.S. marg, Opp. Shreyas Cinema, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai 400086.

Ads Sample for Minor : We Father Shyam Sharma and Mother Neetu Sharma have changed our minor Daughter's name from Diya Sharma to Ruhi Sharma as per the affidavit dated 21.01.2016.

How to Book Name Change Ad Online for Newspaper

Name Change Classified Text Ads: Text ads, also known as run on line (ROL) ads are the simplest form of advertising in the Name Change section. But you can enhance your Name Change ad by background color, screen border and you can bold your text. Publications calculate on the basis of number of words, and number of lines used in the matter.

Name Change Classified Display Ads: Classified Display is more impressive and grabs the maximum attention. Publications charged/calculated on the basis of per square centimeter.

How to book Name Change ad in Newspaper Online?

1) Select newspaper and ad type (text or classified display) then location.
2) Select package, compose ad and check the preview.
3) Choose publishing date and make payment online to complete booking of ad.

Classified Text Name Change Ad Sample

    1. 1.I, Gobind Ram S/o Sh. Radha Krishna Lohia R/o D-301 Plot-17 Jagran appt. sec22 dwarka have changed my name to Gobind Ram Lohia for all future purposes


    1. 2.I, Varsha Kumavat D/O Tilak Raj R/O H. No. B-463, Third Floor, Majalis Park, New Delhi, declare that Varsha Kumavat and Varsha Kumawat both are one and same person and shall henceforth be known as Varsha Kumawat for all purpose.
    1. 3. I, P. Sunder Rajan S/o Sommasundaram Padmanabhan R/o D-1-B/2-B, Janak Puri, New Delhi-58 have changed my minor Son's name from Padmanabhan Sunderrajan to Anand Sunderrajan for all future purposes.


    1. 4. Pinky Panboru Tanti W/O Naik Kawale Shreekant Lavoo has been changed to Ms. Vaibhavi Shreekant Kawale of Vill Math The Vengurla State MH.
    1. 5. I Nidhi Verma , D/O Krishna Chander Verma R/O 99, outside Mori Gate , Hisar 125001 change my name to Nishita Verma for all purpose
    1. 6. I suvendu Mazumdar S/o NC Mazumdar R/O 42-C Pkt 6 Mayur Vihar 3 Del 96 have changed my name for all purposes.


    1. 7. I Gracy Severlna Bamal w/o Kailash Bamal R/O A 233 Karam Pura New Delhi have changed my name to Gracy Bamal for all future purpose
    1. 8. I Yunus Ahmad S/o Mohd Yusuf R/O 42-C Pkt 6 Mayur Vihar 3 Del 96 have changed my miner sons name from Mohmmed Ammad to Hamemad Ahmed for all purposes.
    1. 9. Pooja Panboru Tanti W/O Naik Kawale Shreekant Lavoo has been changed to Ms. Vaibhavi Shreekant Kawale of Vill Math The Vengurla State MP for all purposes.
    1. 10. I Karuna Singh , D/O Krishna Chander Verma R/O 99, outside Mori Gate , Hisar 125001 change my name to Nishita Verma for all purpose
    1. 11. I, Babli Devi W/o Devki Nandan R/o House No. R-609, Gali No.- 5A, Swatantra Nagar, Narela, Delhi-110040 have changed my Name to Chander Kala for all future purposes. 0040253357-1.
    1. 12. I, Avdesh Kumar S/0 Ved Pratap Singh RIO D-39, Shri Chand Park, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-110059. Have changed my name to Avdhesh Arya. For All Purpose. 0040253420-1.
    1. 13. I, Anil Kumar S/o Shiv Kumar R/o Quarter No-P-474 Sewa Nagar New Delhi-110003,have to changed my name to Anil Kohli. 0040253406-1.
    1. 14. I, AniI Kumar Sio Kishan Lal R/o H.No.31, CSP DDA Janta Flats, East of Kai lash, N.D-65, have changed my name to Anil Kumar Mangoria. 0040253408-8.
    1. 15. I, Anant S/0 Sh. Sudhir Kumar Malik R/o A-298, South City-I, Gurgaon, Haryana have changed my name to Anant Singh Malik for all purposes. 0040253335-1
    1. 16. I, Amman Agarwal S/0 Virendra Agarwal R/o Room No-FM SPA Boys Hostel Maharani Bagh Taimoor Nagar Delhi-110065,have changed my name to Aman Agarwal. 0040253406-2
    1. 17. I, Achamma Oomman, W/o Sh. Alumkal Paulose Abraham, R/o X-39, I Floor, Sector-12, Noida, have changed my name from Achamma Oomman to Achamma Abraham for all future purposes 0040253386-1.
    1. 18. Osama Khan S/0 Md. Alam Khan R/o Flat No-111, Charms Solitaire, Plot No-14 Mall Road Ahinsa Khand-II, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad U.P. I have changed my Son Name to Aryan Khan for all purposes in future.0040253327-1
    1. 19. I, Vijay Pal S/0 Sumer Singh R/o House No 55/NTH, New Transit House, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi-110067 have changed my name to Vijay Pal Yaday. 0040253377-1.
    1. 20. I, Ritesh Srivastava S/0 Raghu Nandan Sharan Rio SMQ-382, Air Force Station Hindan, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh-201004, have changed the name of my son from Pritush Srivastava to Pratham Srivastava henceforth for all purposes. 0040253326-1