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Throwing a party is easy, you call your friends get together and enjoy! However, when it comes to formal public announcements, it is important that your message reaches to its audience. Therefore, newspaper ads come in handy. Whether it’s a property expo or an auto expo, it is the presence of people that makes it successful. Hence it is important to have upcoming events ads in newspapers that aid in gaining attention of its audience. There are, however, other events too like for higher education or study abroad programmes that require much formal approach to let the students understand their interests. Book your ads for higher education event in newspaper or reserve space for study abroad events ads and get your gala swarmed with interested students.

There are other forms of public announcements too. Acknowledgements through ads is a simple way of saying “Thank You” to all those who sent memorial donations or who were particularly helpful during a funeral. One cannot go and thank everyone personally by sending cards thus such a public announcement is quite a relief. You can also book newspaper ads online for community events ads. In case a programme gets postponed or cancelled you can advertise your Cancellations & Postponement ads in the newspapers too.

Advertisements for missing and adoptions, both are equivalently necessary too. So if your search has resulted in failure book online ads for newspapers that can help in locating him sooner.  Social services and Adoptions agencies can also place their ads in desired newspapers at affordable rates. Yet another vital public announcement is declaration of scholarship pronouncements. Book ads for scholarship announcements and relax. Now, the students can just read the newspapers and know their results.  A great relief after all!

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How to Book Personal Announcement Ad Online for Newspaper

Classified Text Ads: Text ads, also known as run on line (ROL) ads are the simplest form of advertising in the Personal Announcement section. But you can enhance your Personal Announcement ad by background color, screen border and you can bold your text. Publications calculate on the basis of number of words, and number of lines used in the matter.

Classified Display Ads: Classified Display is more impressive and grabs the maximum attention. Publications charged/calculated on the basis of per square centimeter.

How to book Personal Announcement ad online in Newspaper?

1) Select newspaper and ad type (text or classified display) then location.
2) Select package, compose ad and check the preview.
3) Choose publishing date and make payment online to complete booking of ad.

Classified Text Personal Announcement Ad Sample

    1. 1. I,Pritam Singh S/o Arjan Singh 63, Sector 29-A, Chandigarh declare that my sons Amanpreet Singh and Jasminder Singh his wife Monika are out of my control. I disown them from all my immoveable /moveable properties. If anybody deals will at his/ her own risk. 465448856
    1. 2. I, Ravinder Prajapati Sio Shri Rajbir Singh Rio 23 A. Mundka Village Nangloi Delhi and I Ravinder Prajapati Inform Ravinder are the same person. 0040252705-5
    1. 3. Dashrath Singh S/o Shri Chatur Singh R/o 402, gali no.32-D, Molarband Extn. Badarpur, afirm that my name is wrongly mentioned as Dasrath Singh Vishwakarma in my children school documents but correct and actual name is Dashrath Singh for all purposes. 0040252533-2
    1. 4. Meta Corporation announces the retirement of Raghunath Bisht from the company's Board of Directors. Meta Corporation
    1. 5. Ram's retirement is our loss. We are celebrate last party with him before his retirements ! Call Ravi for party details. We all wish Ram.
    1. 6. We will honor Anita for her contributions in a farewell reception to be held in the President's at 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Friday, jun 1st . We invite all employees.
    1. 7. Gyan , Kundan, and Anjali congratulate Pushpendra on her promotion. We invite individuals who need tax advice to contact Ms. Anju call her 78945845874
    1. 8. Please attention that all company branches will be closed jun 21 to 27and reopen Monday, jun 28, We wish you all the holiday cheer! Netcom
    1. 9. Please note that Tuesday, jan 02, is Children Day. The shop will be closed all day and will open again at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday. Global Computers
    1. 10. So that we can all spend some time with our families, this the following Saturday will be paid holidays for all employees. Enjoy weekend! Srscompany
    1. 11. We have enjoying doing business with you and your support. We hope you will get acquainted with our new store soon. Rajesh
    1. 12. The Margha Real Estate Group is pleased to welcome a new partner, Marry Hugh. Margha real estate
    1. 13. We are still vry hapy to become parents and it seems that we unite like a family after this. It has been a wonderful experience. Thnx to all who wishes us. Mohan & Smriti.
    1. 14. Radhika has achieved a lot of medals and prizes during the training. She begins her duty next week . May god bless her.
    1. 15. Ram & Sandhya are very pleased to announce that they have adopt a child ravi to their family. Ravi was born jul 17.
    1. 16. Gyan and Rani are are very pleased to announce that the birth of their new baby daughter, Ragi. Ragi was born on Aug 17.
    1. 17. Ragini’s retirement is our loss. We are celebrate last party with her before her retirements ! Call Manav for party details.
    1. 18. Anurah & Namita are very happy to announce that they have adopt a child Rani to their family. Rani was born May 10.
    1. 19. I,Ram Singh S/o Raghuveer Singh 64, Sec 20-C, Noida declare that my Brother Jay Singh are out of my control. I disown them from all my immoveable /moveable properties. If anybody deals will at his/ her own risk. 7894586544
    1. 20. Radhika & Shyam are very Happy to announce that they have adopt a child Navya to their family. Navya was born jul 17. So please give blesses to our new family member.
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