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    1. 1. 1st Death Anniversary of Baleshwar Agarwal Formar Secretary Genral : Antar Rashtriya Sahyog Parishad – Bharat. Your dedicated service to Nation and commitment to the cause of Indian Diaspora continue to inspire us. Members of ARSP – Bharat
    1. 2. In Loving Memory of DWARKA DASS KHERA 21st May 2003 You have always been in our thoughts:We pray for eternal peace of vow noble soul Remembered by all family members.
    1. 3. PHOOL SAYAL Golden was your life. Golden were your Teachings. As time goes by the shine gets brighter Tour overwhelming 'Presence-is always there 'Children" and "Grand-Children'
    1. 4. In Loving Memory of SIIRI K. C. ANAND You live every moment in our hearts & we can feel your presence all around deeply missed by: Mrs. Sheela Anand (Wife) and all family members& Akanksha Enterprises
    1. 5. In The Loving Memory of SHRI RAVINDRA DEN GUPTA 25/09/1925 – 21/05/2008 Deeply missed and fondly remembered by R&M]. Paromila and Rath Sen Gupta Ph: 9873473385. MOM%
    1. 6. In Loving Memory Of GULJINDER PAL SINGH 28.04.53 - 20.05.02 Twelve years have passed, but your memories are still alive. your presence continues to surround us every moment of our life. May god give eternal peace to your noble soul. Deeply missed and fondly remembered by Kanwaljit (Neena) Sidhu (Wife) and Sidhu family. 09412629511 – Meerut
    1. 7. IN LOVING MEMORY OF PREMA SEHGAL nee Madan of Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA, who passed away on Sunday May 11, 2014 leaving behind her loving husband Jai, son Siddharth, daughter-in-law Sumita, and her beloved grand children Bela and Pia who miss their Dadi very much. Fondly remembered by her niece Punam, brother-in-law Kuldip Zutshi, and many dear friends to whose lives she brought so much joy and laughter. Condolences:
    1. 8. In Loving Memory of SMT. MEMO LILOTHIA WE MISS YOU. May your soul rest in peace. Rajesh Lilothia (MLA) and Lilothia Family.
    1. 9. LT. SDR. AJIT SINGH (Founder S.K. Glass, Kotla) 15.02.1940-19.05.2013 SATKARTAR On first Death Anniver sary you still in our hearts & remembered for you qualities, simplicity and smile. Deeply missed & remembered by Family, Relatives, and Friends.
    1. 10. In Loving Memory of Most respected & beloved LATE SHRI V.B.S JOHRI A guiding light for all of us. Ur presence is always felt in our lives. Missing you, always. Smt. Sheela Johri (Wife) & Johri fmly
    1. 11. Mr M M MALIK We miss you every day of our life. Mrs.Nargis Malik Feroz & Amita Malik Rohit & Diya Malik Tanya,Aalya, Ainaya,Minaha, Devansh
    1. 12. In Loving Memory of Smt. Ram Rakhi Bhasin on her 8th Death Anniversary We miss you Bhabhiji. You are always there with us in our thoughts and prayers. Fondly remembered by: All Family Members. 9811500062
    1. 13. In Loving Memory of Shri Om Prakash Ajmani 1933- 12.05.2002 On his 12th Death Anniversary. May Lord help us to walk on the path shown by you, your h values, teachings, love & care deeply remembered by us. We miss you. All Relatives & Friends. Phone - 9811081182.
    1. 14. In Loving Remembrance of Our Dear Mother Smt. Munni Devi Jain Mummy you live in our heart & are with us every moment. Missed by: Renu, Nitin & Ritika. Phase-1 Garden Estate Gurgaon.
    1. 15. PILOT OFFICER RAHUL SHARMA 16.12.1970 - 12.05.1994 We miss you every moment and A 4 feel your presence all around war us. Kamlesh-Randhir, Ruchi dr-1 Krishan Kumar, Charu, Sumerchand, Jaidayal, Ramkaran, Sanjay. All Relatives & Friends 011-23652660, 9313312660. 4:41:23.
    1. 16. CHMOHANSINGHJI(RAWALPINDI) 04.10.1892 - 27.05.1989 Dearest Pitaji 25years have passed sin-ce you left us but mem-ories of times spent with you remain evergreen. Indelible imprints of the gift of your deepen in our hearts with each passing moment. Chowdharys 2C/23 Rohtak Road ND. 28716146
    1. 17. In Loving Memory Of tiaSH. UTTAM CHAND KOHLI PS SMI SUSHEELA DEW KOHLI °' 27.05.1974 Deeply missed & remem-bered by: Kohl's - Vinod, Suresh, Pradeep, Neelam Khanna, Poonam Kapoor
    1. 18. SMT. VANITA MAHENDROO (19-10-1957 - 27-05-2012) For the past 2 years, we still feel your presence in our thoughts & prayers. Deeply Missed and Remembered by Jogesh, Nishant, Priyanka, Ankur, Mahira.
    1. 19. In Loving Memory of SMT NIRMAL VERMA You will for ever remain in our hearts.Your in sp-iration continues to gui-de us.We remember you in every passing mome-nts. T.R. Verma ,Ami t, S umit ,Pooj a ,Po orvi.
    1. 20. In Everlasting Memory of SHRI PRAN NATH SETH Your simplicity, care iand sacrificing attitude always inspire us. May Maa Vaishno bless you with eternal peace. Fondly remembered by SETH family