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About Business Standard

Commenced in the year 1975, Business Standard is one of the premium newspapers counted in the business dailies. It successfully caters the in-depth knowledge of corporate sector, banking and finance, etc. Though the business market has many competitors when it comes to newspapers, but Business Standard has earned good name as well as fame between its readers. The business specialists like to read this brand as it is also known as CEO’s newspaper. Mostly all corporate executives, professionals and tech savvy’s prefer reading this newspaper.

 Business Standard Readership and Circulation:

Referring to the popularity of Business Standard, the Audit Bureau of Circulation founded that the average daily circulation of this brand is about 1, 44, 000 copies. Also, the Indian Readership Survey founded that 148000 readers read this newspaper on a daily basis. It is known as the second largest business dailies amongst India. There are several editions of Business Standard: Investment, Management and Marketing, New Economy, and BS Weekend.

Cities/States Covered (Circulations)

•  Kochi (4636)
•  Bhuvaneshwar (4820)
•  Lucknow (4373)
•  Indore
•  Chandigarh (4543)
•  Patna
•  Pune (11214)
•  Hyderabad (5669)
•  Kolkata (9639)
•  Chennai (4547)
•  Delhi (24007)
•  Mumbai (23543)
•  Ahmedabad (9390)
•  Bangalore (8281)
•  Chandigarh (4543)


Advertisements play a vital role in upbringing the nation’s economy. It serves uniqueness, ideas, out-of-the-box imagination and new concept to the world. Newspapers, radio channels, television, and internet are all equipped with ads. Why not Business Standard then? There are several categories of advertisements available in this brand newspaper: Financial results, tender notices, public notices, and auditedunaudited financial results. You can very well choose your category and submit your ad online.

Business Standard Supplement Papers

Business Standard The Smart Investor           (Business Standard The Smart Investor)

Focus day: Monday
Focus category: Finance

Business Standard The Strategist           (Business Standard The Strategist )  

Focus day: Monday
Focus category:

Business Standard Weekend           (Business Standard Weekend )    

Focus day: Saturday, Sunday
Focus category: